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New Plant Acclimation:

This process gives new plants the best possible start, and often is the difference between a vigorous plant and one in decline. Massive amounts of water mixed with compost teas made from the finest compost in the country are injected into the rootball. Also included are mycorrhizal fungi, micronutrients and natural root growth enhancers. As important as these ingredients are, the method by which we deliver the mixture is critical. At 200-pounds pressure, we inject and flood the rootball - softening and loosening it. We do the same to the gap between the ball and the edge of the planting hole, which mixes the soil from the ball and outer areas, and helps eliminate air pockets in the process. We then inject the outer area to soften, nutrient-load and aerate… all this aids in attracting roots into the surrounding areas and stimulating their growth.