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Lawnwise Lawn Program: Seasonal treatments that sustain a lawn throughout the year.

This scientifically proven program releases nutrients, minimizes waste, and cares for the environment throughout the changing seasons. In Winter, we apply a carbon-based food/surface to your lawn so beneficial fungi will grow and reproduce. This all-natural blend reduces soil compaction and readies your lawn for spring growth. In Spring we use a Liquid Biological Amendment – waking up the nitrogen-fixing bacteria and protozoa for nutrient turnover. In Summer, a Liquid Biological Amendment containing beneficial bacteria and fungi, natural microbial foods and liquid humus is applied to your lawn - this attracts and holds the nutrients close to the root zones where are they are desperately needed. In Fall, to strengthen turf roots and extend their water and nutrient absorbing capacities, a Liquid Biological Amendment combined with mycorrhizal spores.

Lawn/soil booster and detoxifier: For vigorous plant and root growth granular minerals, humates & kelp are applied to your lawn to releases the nitrogen in your soil. This helps break down plant litter and toxins.

Visit the LAWNWISE website to learn more.