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StuyvesAnt Town: an urban oasis

How we helped over 100,000 plants, on 80 acres in New York City, not only survive but thrive.

Over 100,000 plants and thousands of medium to large trees installed in one growing season nestled in 80 acres of a mature Urban forest and landscape. Welcome to New York’s Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village spring of 2008.

Our goal: to ensure that the long-term vision of the landscape was completed.

  1. We familiarized ourselves with the design and function of the proposed landscape and located local renewable resources.
  2. We completed an in-depth overview and wrote a master plan with specifications for soil biology and plant biology along with short-term and long-term sustainable management practices.
  3. Way before trailers full of trees and plants arrived we got to work on the SOIL! We wanted to achieve a positive soil environment at the point of planting. Creating an aerated, healthy environment in an urban landscape with heavy pedestrian activity presented interesting challenges.
  4. By harnessing the natural processes of nutrient cycling and plant protection through tree biology, soil biology and structure we established a self-sufficient sustainable system of landscape growth.

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