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The condition of turf during the
2005 growing season.

East Hampton Village greens

The Ladies Village Improvement Society (LVIS) made a decision to go organic on their open space turf areas throughout the village.

When LVIS hired Treewise, we tested the soil thoroughly, then designed a combination of fungal foods, liquid biological amendments and proper organic food sources to infuse the greens with everything they were sorely lacking and needed. We sequestered carbon in the soil and sequestered nitrogen which reduced nitrogen from reaching the ground water and increased the amount of nitrogen being cycled into the soil to increase turf growth.

We treated the greens six times during the growing season of 2006 and observed significant improvements. We are now treating the Village greens and all indications are that they will continue to flourish.

The improved condition of turf during the 2006
growing season under the care of Treewise.