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THE BATTERY CONSERVANCY PROJECT - When construction crews, green parks and gardens meet, nature often loses.

Treewise at the Battery Conservency.

Coring the rootzone

How Treewise stepped in to work with the
Battery Conservency:

Downtown Manhattan has suffered over the past number of years. At Battery Park, the abuse of payloaders, bulldozers, and other massive equipment, had damaged and compacted much of the soil. Years of neglect only made matters worse. The parks, gardens and greens needed acute care. The foundation of Treewise’s work begins with the soil’s health and the specimen’s vitality.

  • Our crew began their restoration project of 12 severely distressed trees– 5 oak and 7 plane trees– on April 19, 2006. Drilling deep into the concrete-like soil, set in motion the unleashing of new life.
  • Coring down opened soil and got oxygen, water and organic matter back into the ground
  • Cores spaced into a grid covering the rootzone got back-filled with high quality compost and leaf litter, and inoculated with Compost tea,

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