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At Treewise, we are dedicated to being the best plant health care company in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and beyond. Specialists in ecological landscape management we are committed to being stewards of the environment. We’re passionate about creating healthier more ‘live’ environments, greater landscape beauty, and helping our clients and their clients to gain a deeper appreciation of nature.


Way before any magazine had a ‘green cover,’ Treewise was building sustainable landscape systems. We were committed to organic solutions on Long Island years before we started Treewise and we were the first professional company to use compost teas with success, and the first 100% organic plant health care company on Long Island. Over the years we invested in research and improving the technology and products and that remains our focus today. We analyze the effects of all our services and continually seek to improve them, which is why so many experts recognize us as the leaders in natural services.

Proof of our commitment

We have spent not hundreds, but thousands of hours sharing our research and information with other landscapers, architects, designers, homeowners – even competitors. We know that the more people know, the better the chance that healthier practices will flourish. We believe that everything in the environment is connected, so we focus on the whole system, rather than one particular piece. We are all connected, so we offer our expertise to whomever it can benefit.

Bio: Roger Feit